TableThink Podcast

004: Inspire - Innovate - Invest

February 22, 2019

Joshua and Kerrie meet at the table to discuss the "why" of TableThink.   Listen to this podcast and you will hear how they enjoy working together, despite the differences in their age, gender, and life experience.

They talked about what it means to be inspired, innovative, and invested in our personal life as well as in our organization. 

They agreed these three elements are essential to living our best and it's our hope this encourages others to develop this in their own life.

To be inspired means we are in the Spirit.  It's part of the with-God life.  When we are inspired, we see all the possibilities.  So, Joshua and Kerrie are excited to give more tools to people to live inspired and then to inspire others.

Inspiration leads to innovation.  There's always something more that can be implemented to live our best.   Innovation is Joshua's favorite word.  Kerrie discussed walking into the office and finding Joshua surrounded by gadgets and objects to try to figure out how we can increase in our ability to reach people with new and exciting ways.

They discuss their belief in being invested in our life with God, self, and others.  This investment is what serves individuals to do what we are to do.

We can't wait until you listen and discover more about these three essentials . . . inspire, innovate, and invest . . . a catalyst to live the fullest as you find your best.

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